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Our last race is November 3rd, 2018
We thank everyone for the past 13 years, its been a blast!

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My nephew has been in Boy Scouts for a few months now and he seems to love every minute and has been learning great life skills. Brandon called me for help, and I could hear the heartbreak in his voice. He has been having trouble making his pinewood derby car, and Brandon's dad usually helps him, but Chris is an active marine and is currently overseas, and my sister is a fashion statement (She knows nothing about building anything haha) Without hesitation or even knowing what I was doing, I jumped in my car to go help. I decided to go online and try to find some information on what to do and I found your page which was great for beginners and helped us out so much.
I decided to keep looking just so we didn't miss anything when Brandon was on his laptop. He brought a great page to my attention. gives you every little detail you need, and it was pretty neat to be able to learn with Bran about how the Pinewood Derby became what it is today. This article gave us tons of information on what we needed for supplies, rules, designs and kits, and a lot more. Brandon thought you could add this to your page? After a few days, both pages helped us in making our car fast, in the weight requirement, understanding the race, and were great for first timers like us. Thanks again for all the help.
Thanks for making your page with information on derby cars - As the Mother of two cub scouts, I'm keeping busy by helping put together guides for their troop. They're currently working on building their own pinewood derby cars and your page has been a big help! We've referenced it quite a bit! ...I actually had never heard of these cars and races before, so you get an extra thanks from me haha!
Pack 639 has been using RentMyTrack for the past 3 years.  After 8 years of Pinewood Derbies  I have to say there is no better way to run this event.  RentMyTrack gives us everything we need to easily and quickly prepare.  What used to be a chaotic event with nearly 60 cars racing has become a joy for leaders, parents and as always our Scouts.  Always accommodating, on time, organized and a great value.  RentMyTrack puts the Organize in Organization.  Thank You!!
Dave, Again, much thanks.  I've received quite a number of eMails regarding how much fun people had and how this was the BEST PWD at our Temple ever and how efficient your crew is.  Thank you for recruiting Ethan to lead the starts, that really added a lot to the afternoon.  I've sent everyone the link to see the race results.  It was a great time.
Hi, Dave!  All of us at Pack 320 had a marvelous time at our Pinewood Derby, thanks to your organization and efficiency!  All of our families, and especially our pack leaders, were able to enjoy the race with our kids, which is what cub scouting is all about!



 This Year's Top 10 Fastest Racers

3.017Makaila W.11/3/2018AWANA - Highlands Community Church


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